DC Day Trip

Yesterday was a very long day. Got up bright-and-early at 6am to start the 3 hour drive to our nation’s capital at 7am.

Our first stop of the day was the Lincoln Memorial. Was able to park about two blocks away and we walked around the tidal basin, making stops at the MLK memorial, the FDR memorial garden, and finally the Jefferson memorial. When I planned the trip with my girlfriend and the other couple we went with I thought I would take lots of pictures. However, I ended up just enjoying DC and letting my girlfriend take a majority of the pictures. I probably took a total of 30 to 40 pictures and I’m very happy with how they came out. It was a very sunny day with steady winds of over 10 mph.

The Lincoln Memorial.
The Lincoln Memorial.

The Tidal Basin was beautiful. Even though the cherry blossoms had not reached their peak bloom yet, which if forecast for between April 8th and 12th, you could see the bright pink hue around the basin from the mostly closed up blossoms. A few trees a large amount of opened blossoms, but a majority looked like this:

The cherry blossoms were closed, but the pink was coming out. Very prett.
The cherry blossoms were closed, but the pink was coming out. Very pretty.

Another beautiful sight was the blossoming tulip trees. In front of the Capitol building and around the Tidal Basin there were some beautiful tulip trees.

For lunch, Chipotle at 2000 Penn Ave. After lunch we drove around a little bit of the less frequently explored parts of the city. After some Google research, I discovered that the area around Logan Circle was nice. We tried to find a parking space in the area so we could get some pictures of the beautiful row homes, but there were none to be found. Ashley was able to get a few good pictures from in the car and hopefully she will post them on her blog sometime this week.

I feel like I’ve done enough talking about the day, I’ll let the following gallery do the rest of the talking.

Also, you may or may not have noticed that I placed this post in the “No Filter” category. From now on, this means that none of the pictures in the post have been re-touched or processed in anyway and if a post is in the “Processed (Photos)” category, it means what it says. Now, it’s back to reality as I get some school work done at this afternoon’s baseball game.


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