Fuzzy Friday

Keeping with the alliteration this week as well, my subject for macro photography this week is animals, specifically furry (fuzzy) ones.  I only have one pet, a cat named Chipotle:Fuzzy-0604

Ashley’s family, on the other hand, has lots of animals. If my count is correct, they have 3 dogs (1 in the house, 2 outside), 8 cats (1 inside, 7 outside), and about a half dozen hens. And Ashley’s grandmother has 2 stray cats that have taken residence around her house and sometimes get to sleep in her basement.

My favorite picture would probably be this one of Gibbs (the mother nursing) and her kittens sitting on the bench on the patio because it was one of the few times she was nice enough to actually lay down for her kittens to nurse and they’re all in the picture which is nice since the dark one was the most skittish and would always run away from me:Fuzzy-0571

Taking care of pets like cats and dogs and seeing them grow and develop is a beautiful thing, and being able to see new life like the young kittens in the picture above is a nice reminder of how precious new life is, whether it be in the form of a cat or a newborn child.

While not strictly macro, here are the pictures for this week in Fuzzy Friday:


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