Monochrome Monday: Week 2

Week two of monochrome monday is here and week 8 of Leanne Cole and Laura Macky’s Monochrome Madness has past and I continue to be inspired and amazed by the talent of the bloggers’ work that is displayed in these posts. It’s so hard to pick favorites, but these week I really liked Leanne’s photo of an old abandoned car at a place called Pink Lakes. To read more about it, visit her blog!

© Leanne Cole Photography
© Leanne Cole Photography

Last week I was able to pick a runner-up for my favorite picture from monochrome madness, but this week I had to settle for two. I really liked this picture of a boy holding a ladybug from Capturing Little Moments:


My other runner-up is this picture of a bell and its reflection from Michael Wilson (Brooklyn Bystander). I like the contrast of the picture and the apparent aging of the bell:k1-bell-1Now, for my selection for this week’s monochrome madness. It was actually really difficult for me to choose this week because I got so many good pictures at Ashley’s house over Easter weekend. I only processed 4 or 5 of them into monochrome, but I thought they were all so good that it was hard to choose. I ended up choosing this one of an old, unused gas pump that sits in her family’s yard. I like the rust and other aging of the pump and the contrast I was able to get with it. I hope you like it too! Here’s to another great week of monochrome madness!


Just like last week, here are three of my pictures that didn’t quite make the cut for my submission:

6 thoughts on “Monochrome Monday: Week 2”

  1. Oh, I just now noticed the three photos in the end of the post… they are lovely also, especially the sweet little kitten, what a great capture! 🙂

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