Weekend Wanderings: Downtown Lynchburg

Yes, if you are a follower of Leanne you may have noticed that I stole her title, but, I like it so I’m using it and giving her credit.

Last weekend (May 3rd), Ashley and I went to downtown Lynchburg just a few miles away from Liberty’s campus for our last date day of the semester. Compared to the other cities I’ve lived near, such as Kalamazoo, Michigan, Syracuse, New York, and now Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Lynchburg has a smaller metropolitan center. The city was founded in 1791 so it has lots of history and character and Ashley and I wanted to explore the main street and take some pictures of the city we go to school in but rarely explore.

We got to look at the clean-up of the oil train derailment from a few days before. After that, we headed over to see the “Love” sculpture that is on a trail just out from downtown. Ashley wrote a really good article about it for the school newspaper.

We also got to check out some pianos that were placed along Lynchburg’s Main Street as part of an event called “Keys for the Hill City.” Five local schools painted and worked upright pianos to place in the city for everyone to enjoy until September 30th. I got to play a few of them and got to here some other musicians tickle the ivories. It was a lot of fun!

Ashley and I really enjoy exploring and taking pictures together so this was a really nice time for us to spend together at the end of the semester. We also got to treat ourselves to an early dinner at Olive Garden as well as visiting her family with a stop at the Dairy Isle in Nelson County for a sweet treat. All of this was possible because I decided to rent something called a ZipCar. I think it’s a neat service and if you’re someone living in a city without a car, it’s definitely something to check out! I put a link on the menu bar and in the sidebar that gives you $50 in free driving credit when you sign up!

Ashley wrote a great post about our time in Lynchburg too and has some great pictures too! Check it out here.

Here is a gallery of all the pictures from the day:


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