Philadelphia Photography

On Thursday, May 15th, my family, Ashley, and I went to Philadelphia. My family was excited about an event going on called the Night Market. Lots of different vendors were there serving a variety of foods. Unfortunately, Ashley and I are a little picky so we ended up finding our dinner elsewhere.

However, before the Night Market started at 6pm, Ashley and I were able to walk a few miles around the city and take some pictures. It was a really pleasant time and we enjoyed the city atmosphere as people were getting off work and the streets were also filled with school groups and other city-goers. My favorite picture from the walk was this one of the Philadelphia City Hall. The sunlight was just right to make the building look great on all sides without really dark shadows.

Philadelphia City Hall
Philadelphia City Hall

After a visit to Starbucks and after my family had gotten their food at the Night Market, we drove over to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It’s a beautiful building with so much character. Notably, the scene in Rocky when Balboa runs up the museum steps. My favorite picture from this location would probably be this one of the front of the museum with the fountain in the center. I like how there aren’t any people in the picture (okay, there is one bicyclist) and how the sky looked with the color of the museum.

Philadelphia Museum of Art
Philadelphia Museum of Art

It was dark when we returned to Ocean City and when the moon came out that night the way it shined on the ocean was beautiful. I’m still working on getting better at taking night pictures like this, but I was satisfied with how this one came out of the moon over the ocean.

DSC_2142Some more of the pictures I took that day and the ones above are included in the gallery below. Enjoy!



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