Amusement Park Action

Earlier this week, in my post about the walk Ashley and I took to take pictures around Ocean City, I posted a few pictures of the boardwalk amusement parks that were closed during the week. On Saturday, our last day in Ocean City, Ashley and I were able to visit those parks twice. First during the day and again at night. My favorite picture from during the day would probably be this one of the chair swing with the ferris wheel in the background. I like the brightness of the day and it looks like the little girl on the swing is enjoying herself.


We were also able to take a ride on the big ferris wheel and get a couple pictures of the view and enjoy our first ever ferris wheel ride together.

After the bayside sunset we were able to watch that day, Ashley and I went back to the boardwalk to get some more pictures and try to ride the ferris wheel again to see Ocean City at night. Unfortunately, the ferris wheel didn’t work out so hot as it was the first day it was running and since our earlier ride, rust had started raining on the passengers so after one rust showered rotation, a manager had us get off and gave us a refund and we ended up going on the Music Express, another ride that Ashley and I enjoy.

After we had taken a few pictures I decided it would be fun to try to get some motion blur with the rides to see how it would turn out even though I didn’t have a tripod with me. My favorite picture from that attempt was probably this one of the Air Race ride. Because of how the ride spun in two different ways, there’s a somewhat chaotic twisting of light and it came out really cool.


The rest of the pictures I took of the rides that day as well as the two above are in the gallery below. Enjoy!


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