Three Years…

It has been way too long. Almost three years since my last post on this blog. There is so much that has happened since the Fall of 2014. Here is a quick recap:

  • Late Fall 2014 – Family moved back to Delaware from Pittsburgh
  • Summer 2015 – Interned with CPA firm and got offered full-time job for after graduation
  • Fall 2015 – Spring 2016 – Wrote my senior theses and finished my last year of college
  • May 2016 – Received my Bachelors degree in accounting and married my beautiful wife.
  • Summer 2016 – Worked for a manufacturing company (potato chips!)
  • Fall 2016 – Present – Working for that CPA firm and enjoying Roanoke with my wife

That was a pretty high level review, but thought I should let everyone know what has happened since my last post.

So, until the next time I post (most likely another “iPhone Photo of the Week” post), here are some pictures to hold you over.

Also, I have started another blog. It is titled “An Accountant’s Life,” but is not limited to my experience as a public accountant (not that exciting), but also my takes on current events and things that I care about. So if you would like to take a look at my content over there, that would be cool! Otherwise, stay tuned for more “Macro Masterpieces.”

2 thoughts on “Three Years…”

  1. WOW, what a busy guy you have been! I had no idea when I subscibed to your blog a month or so ago, why you had not posted in so long, and thought I would take a chance, some blogs that are inactive for a long while are quite dead. I love macro photography, I do not own a smart phone, I use a DSLR. but love to look at what others do no matter what device they use.
    Now I see, that you are down the road from me and my blog, That is if you are in Roanoke, VA , I am up around Harrisonburg. originally from Dayton, VA (just south of Harrisonburg) you are there when you see the horse and buggies on the roads, we have approx 3,000 Old Order Mennonites here.
    Nice to see your photography and that you are starting to post again, I am Mitchell Webster by the way.

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