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Did some posing for Ashley just to mess around. Turned out pretty well I would say.
Photo taken by Ashley Bunner.

My name is Brendan Smith. I am a sophomore at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia studying Accounting with a minor in Sport Management. Ever since I got my first toy-like film camera as a child, I have enjoyed taking pictures. My first digital camera was a Kodak EasyShare M753. This little point-and-shoot met my needs for 4 years and would have served longer, but one day at school, I was carrying the little guy in my pocket and I tripped and ran into a desk. The camera ended up being the victim and the screen broke. The camera still took pictures, but with no viewfinder, I needed a replacement.

My next camera, and  one I still have today, is the Nikon Coolpix L100. My mom got a good deal on this in Chicago when one of the salesmen accidentally showed her the Black Friday price. Whoops! I was so happy with my new, larger point-and-shoot and the higher quality as well as deeper zoom. The larger lens helped me shoot pictures in a higher variety of environments and was very useful for me as part of the yearbook staff of my high school in my sophomore year. I continued using this camera throughout high school and the beginning of college, but my time to take pictures dropped significantly and I felt my camera becoming obsolete. The newest version of the L100 is the L120, boasting 14.1 MP,  720p HD video capture, and 21x optical zoom. While I do occasionally pull out the L100 for random occasions, more recently I have been sticking with my iPhone 5 for everyday photography.

The camera that is used most often for posts on this page now is a Nikon D3200. While this camera is technically Ashley’s (my girlfriend), she lets me use it whenever I want because I helped pay for it for a Christmas present from her parents, grandmother, my parents, and I. We both love the quality that comes with this camera. It is our first DSLR and we are still learning how to use it, but we are having a great time sharing time together taking pictures with it.

And just recently, I purchased a Nikon 1 J1. I’m really excited to use this camera for a lot of my photography now and love the portability it affords with its option of using interchangeable lenses!

Enough about cameras, here are some more facts about me:

  • Sophomore at Liberty University
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Food(s): Macaroni and Cheese and chicken
  • Religion: Evangelical Christian
  • Birthday: February 23rd
  • Birthplace: New Jersey
  • Current Permanent Residence: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Favorite Type of Photography: Macro

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