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Photo Expo

I don’t usually pay too much attention to photography events at my school, but this semester I decided to participate in the Student Activities Photography Expo that is happening on February 28th. I have my two pictures picked out (thanks to the help of my Facebook friends) and framed, but now I need to think of creative titles for them.

IMG_4676 IMG_4677


You may have seen these pictures included in my previous posts (and that’s why I have the watermarks on them). If any of you have any ideas for titles, you’re welcome to write a comment with your idea. Thanks for your help and wish me luck!


iPhone Photography

I’ve distinctly seen around me the wide use of mobile phones in today’s photography. Even professional photographers with DSLRs might use their iPhone to instantly share what they’re currently capturing. My mom uses her iPod for mobile photos and the rest of my immediate family uses iPhones to capture moments on the go. It is amazing what these tiny little lenses can capture, especially at the macro level. Here’s a look at some of the macro photography I did while I accompanied my girlfriend just off campus as she took her own photos for a class assignment. By the way, she has a blog! You should totally check it out!

Jerry Falwell Library

Last month, my school, Liberty University, opened their brand new $50 million dollar Jerry Falwell Library. This building is beautiful! With lots of reading areas, beautiful stacks, quiet study areas, and plenty of natural light, the library quickly became my favorite place to study. I haven’t actually used their crown jewel Automated Book Retrieval System (aka, Robot) to get a book, but I have enjoyed the dining and studying options that abound in this magnificent addition to my school’s campus. Here our some more wide-angled perspectives of the library.

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The Austrian Room

On the University of Pittsburgh campus, it is impossible to not notice the Cathedral of learning, a 35 (or so) story building that houses a popular attraction called the Nationality Rooms. These rooms showcase the cultures of dozens of different nationalities and are a joy to visit. These pictures were taken in the Austrian room. This room was filled with red (my favorite color) and I noticed the chandeliers in particular. So I zoomed in and captured one of the ball shaped crystals on the chandelier and snapped the picture. It ended up being my girlfriend and mine’s favorite picture of the day.
A wide angle view of the Austrian Room in the Cathedral of Learning.
A wide angle view of the Austrian Room in the Cathedral of Learning.

Austrian Room Chandelier


Although the title of this blog is Macro Masterpieces, the photography showcased here will not be limited to the macro style. Landscape and portrait photography will also be showcased at times, but my favorite style of photography is macro. With macro photography, you’re forced to look closely at the world around you and see the details that God has worked into his magnificent creation. I hope these posts will help you see the beauty of His work as well as the details hidden in the work created by men who are using their God-given talents to create masterpieces (or creations) of their own.