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Going to DC!

Tomorrow morning, my girlfriend Ashley and I, along with another couple we are friends with, are going on a day trip to Washington D.C! When Ashley and I went in the fall with the school’s bus trip it ended up raining and we were unable to do much after visiting the Newseum (which I highly recommend visiting if you go to DC).

We’re excited to see that tomorrow’s forecast is mostly sunny, zero precent chance of rain and a high of 60 degrees! Also, according to the national park service, peak bloom for the cherry blossoms is predicted to come between April 8-12. Although we’re going 3 days before that range begins, we’re hoping to see a beautiful tidal basin!

Cherry trees blossoming along the tidal basin. Photo taken from
Cherry trees blossoming along the tidal basin. Photo taken from

We also hope to visit the Museum of Natural History as well as the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials. Ashley and I have never gotten to go to the Jefferson Memorial and Ashley has not been to the Lincoln Memorial either so it will be an exciting new experience for both of us! We hope to get lots of great pictures while we’re there so keep an eye on our blogs following this weekend!

Ashley’s blog

Blog post from which Museum of Natural History picture was taken: Mama Luvs Books



Although the title of this blog is Macro Masterpieces, the photography showcased here will not be limited to the macro style. Landscape and portrait photography will also be showcased at times, but my favorite style of photography is macro. With macro photography, you’re forced to look closely at the world around you and see the details that God has worked into his magnificent creation. I hope these posts will help you see the beauty of His work as well as the details hidden in the work created by men who are using their God-given talents to create masterpieces (or creations) of their own.