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Ocean City Photo Walk

On Wednesday (May 14th), Ashley and I went for a walk down the boardwalk and in Ocean City to take some pictures. Since the beach season doesn’t start until Memorial Day, it was pretty quiet around town and the rides are only open on the weekend. Here are some of the pictures I took on our walk. Later in the week I will post some pictures of the rides when they were running during the day and at night.

Ocean City Vacation

Today marks the end of a week long vacation in Ocean City, New Jersey I enjoyed with my family and my girlfriend, Ashley. While it is a little early for being at the beach, we were able to enjoy the sunny days and make the most of the rainy days. It was an action-packed week and I will be publishing multiple posts with different sets of pictures from this week.  For now, here our some pictures that I took Tuesday when we got monkey bread and went to Sunset Beach in Cape May, New Jersey. Unfortunately, it was too foggy for us to see the sunset, but I tried to make the most of the experience anyways.

iPhone Photo of the Week (Week 9)

Right now I am thrilled to be in Ocean City, New Jersey and even though the weather is a little cool this week, I’m enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean and boardwalk here.
Yesterday, my mom and I woke up early (5:30am) to see the sunrise over the ocean and I actually decided to use my iPhone more than my camera for the shots. I used the HDR feature of my the phone’s camera and I walked out on the beach and got this great shot of the sun rising with the fences zig-zagging on the dunes. It was a beautiful sight. I usually prefer to leave sunrises and sunsets untouched, but I decided to try out the filters and liked the way it came out.


Monochrome Madness

Seriously, three days in a row I’ve posted about processing my photos into monochrome…I think I need to take a break after this, but I’m really enjoying processing my pictures this way and I hope you do too! As usual, feedback is highly appreciated. This first picture is of the Ocean City boardwalk in New Jersey. Ocean City, New Jersey is a family-friendly resort town that I grew up going to all the time with my family. I’ve made a lot of great memories here and I’ll be going back in May!

The boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ (2009)
The boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ (2009)

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