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Photography Expo “Live Blog”

As a fan of Apple products, in the past couple years I have become familiar with the concept of live blogging where people at a special event, particular Apple product announcements, will upload live updates, including pictures, to a specified page so that others can experience the event in near real-time.

So, I have decided to do this very same thing with the Student Activities Photography Expo that I entered my two pictures into. I have created a page on my blog that will host this “live feed” and I will try to update it every five minutes at the least with thoughts and pictures of the event. The event starts tomorrow, February 28th at 8pm EST. If you are interested in the event and seeing if I win, please visit the page during the event or check back after the events completion at 10pm.

Thanks for following along and wish me luck!

Link to the page: “Photo Expo Live Blog

Link to my entries: “Photo Expo

Photo Expo

I don’t usually pay too much attention to photography events at my school, but this semester I decided to participate in the Student Activities Photography Expo that is happening on February 28th. I have my two pictures picked out (thanks to the help of my Facebook friends) and framed, but now I need to think of creative titles for them.

IMG_4676 IMG_4677


You may have seen these pictures included in my previous posts (and that’s why I have the watermarks on them). If any of you have any ideas for titles, you’re welcome to write a comment with your idea. Thanks for your help and wish me luck!