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Monochrome Monday: Week 4

A little bit of a different approach for my Monochrome Monday post. This week, I’m going to be selfish and put my submission for the upcoming Monochrome Madness first,  and then talk about my favorites from last week’s Monochrome Madness.

My submission for this week is a picture of my 7-year old niece Alanis. She was with us for part of our week-long vacation in Ocean City, New Jersey. I took this picture the first day we were there and I was just trying to get some decent and somewhat candid pictures of everyone and this one came out really well. My mom was actually the one who suggested I convert this specific photo into black and white and I’m really happy with how it came out.


My two favorite pictures from last week came from two bloggers I hadn’t previously looked into before and I’m happy that they submitted their pictures last week. Because I’ve been at the beach for the last week, I was a little partial to pictures taken by the water.

First, I have pkphotooftheday‘s picture entitled Foggy Morning at Lake Clear. I always seem to have a hard time getting good pictures in foggy weather and I really liked this one with the boat sitting motionless on the calm water.


My second favorite photo from last week was submitted by Tide Line Still Life. The reason why I liked this picture so much is because of the texture of the clouds along with the rays of light coming through. It really makes for a cool effect when processed in black and white.


As usual, I have some more pictures that I processed into monochrome that didn’t quite make the cut for my submission for the coming week and here they are:


iPhone Photo of the Week (Week 8)

It has been a while since I’ve posted and that is because of finals week at college. Needless to say, I’ve successfully concluded my sophomore year of college and am happy to be back home in Pittsburgh. On Saturday, my family is going to Ocean City, New Jersey and I am very excited to get some pictures at the beach and of the sun rising over the ocean.

Now to business, this week’s iPhone photo of the week comes from last Wednesday. That day (April 30th) at my school is called Reading Day and gives us a day between classes and finals to either take a break or actually study for our finals. It was foggy that day and while I was walking over to my friend’s dorm I decided to take a picture of it because I liked the way the fog covered the mountain behind it. This definitely isn’t one of my best photos of the week, but for this week, I thought it was pretty good.

2014-04-30 14.12.47

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