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My Job

While at school, I work for the Athletic Facilities department. While many people mistake this department as being the people who clean the bathrooms and such, that is not the case. Below you can see a time-lapse of what a typical basketball game day set up looks like.

While this video does not show everything we do, it gives a little taste for the amount of work that goes into preparing the floor for a basketball game. The Athletic Facilities Crew does things like keeping the court(s) clean, moving the basketball hoops on and off the court (there is convocation in the same facility every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), setting up and plugging in all the tables around the court, putting up the benches, rolling out the red carpet (hidden from view by the tunnel we set up), setting up the scoreboard, and doing fun things like using flame effects and smoke machines. During the actual contest we can be pretty laid back. A couple of us will sweat mop during the game to make sure the floor stays dry so players do not slip and injure themselves, one does the flames and the others basically are on standby in case anything needs to be fixed–like if a player runs into the tables and pushes them apart.

I hope to be able to capture time lapses of our set-ups for other sports throughout the next year and I will share them here when I do! Also, watch my girlfriend’s blog for pictures she took of me at work the other day.


Update: Here’s a link to the pictures mentioned above.