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The Last Snow Day?

Two weeks ago, Liberty University cancelled classes for two days in a row. Fast forward to today, and the University, probably more in a way of precaution, cancelled classes again. Although the accumulation of snow is nothing like what hit Virginia two weeks ago, the threat of ice as the temperatures drop through the day were enough to cause the closure.

Like a good student, first I wrote my five-page Theology essay for Wednesday, but once I got that out of the way, Ashley and I headed for Chick-fil-a and I finally got to play with some of my new toys I got from my parents for my birthday. My parents bought me this Vivitar macro photography kit for me off Amazon. I wasn’t totally confident in how much good it would do me, but the reviews were good so I had asked for it for my birthday.

Today was my first chance to get to try the set out. When we got to Chick-fil-a, I cleaned off the lens on the camera and threw on the macro lens that uses the 52mm threads at the end of the lens attached to the camera. The lens is supposed to be .43x and it appeared that way, the only issue is it causes some vignetting when zoomed all the way out and if you put a filter in between the two lenses it heightens that affect, but overall it was very nice.

Also with the kit came four macro filters. There is a +1, +2, +4, and +10 filter and they can be used individually or in any combination. I could say how well I think they worked, but we all know pictures speak a thousand words..


Jerry Falwell Library

Last month, my school, Liberty University, opened their brand new $50 million dollar Jerry Falwell Library. This building is beautiful! With lots of reading areas, beautiful stacks, quiet study areas, and plenty of natural light, the library quickly became my favorite place to study. I haven’t actually used their crown jewel Automated Book Retrieval System (aka, Robot) to get a book, but I have enjoyed the dining and studying options that abound in this magnificent addition to my school’s campus. Here our some more wide-angled perspectives of the library.

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