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It’s Been A While

Wow…It’s been almost 5 months since my last post.

While I can’t say that my only reason for not posting is being busy, it has been a big part. During my summer, I worked a lot and at one point was working over 40 hours a week (which was new to me). It was a rewarding experience.

Since my last post, not only have I started a new semester, but just under two weeks ago I proposed to my beautiful girlfriend, Ashley, in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and she said yes!

Here are some pictures to recap what has gone on since my last appearance in the blogosphere.

Engagement pictures by H.J. Photography.

Nikon 1 J1 Review

It’s been a week now since I received my Nikon 1 J1 camera from Amazon and I think it’s about time to give it an evaluation.

First of all, the Nikon 1 may be an interchangeable lens camera, but it by no means is like a DSLR. While delivering higher quality than most point-and-shoots, the ease of setting control is much lower than with DSLRs.


Nikon 1 J1 next to it's Nikkor 1 10-30mm VR lens
Nikon 1 J1 next to it’s Nikkor 1 10-30mm VR lens

Now, some of the things I really like about the Nikon 1:

  1. Ability to change lenses (even though I only have one for now)
  2. HD video. The quality is very good.
  3. Quick autofocus
  4. Compact: I’ve been carrying this camera everywhere with me. So much more convenient to carry around than a DSLR
  5. Simple physical controls

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Flower Friday

I would love to commit to doing “Flower Friday” every week, but I know winter will come eventually, so from now on I will try to put together a post with a common theme that has a compilation of macro pictures. This week just happens to be flowers (and I like alliteration). These pictures were all taken with my new camera this week on Liberty University’s campus. This one would probably be my favorite this week:

I love the sunshine in this picture and the texture it creates. These are the only red flowers I've really seen on campus so far.
I love the sunshine in this picture and the texture it creates. These are the only red flowers I’ve really seen on campus so far.

It finally looks like Spring and as I walk around campus I just love taking pictures of all the blossoming trees on campus. I hope you enjoy the way these look as well!

New Camera

Yesterday, I received my brand new Nikon 1 J1 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera form Amazon. I was really excited to get this camera because of it’s ability to have interchangeable lenses as well as its compact size. My camera came with a 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 VR Nikkor 1 lens. One of the things I was excited about with this lens was the wide focal length. A feature I had fun playing with last night at work was the slow motion video mode. Although the resolution has to be reduced to 640×420, it is able to take 400fps video and 1200fps if you’re willing to have a tiny video of 320×120. I haven’t gotten to play with it too much yet, but here are a few of the pictures I have had the opportunity to take so far.