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Snow Day (Day 2)

Hey! No classes for two days in a row! When we got the text message yesterday saying classes were cancelled for today, students at Panera were going crazy! Also, last night, Panera (where I was studying) closed early and because they sell their food fresh, they gave out all of their baked goods instead of throwing them out. I got five bagels and a chocolate chip muffie! The food was delicious! I also ended up walking an additional 5 miles that day walking to my friend’s dorm on the other side of campus and walking to Walmart twice! Today is Valentine’s Day (obviously) and once again, I’m doing homework, but this time in the library! My girlfriend and I are going out to dinner later and are happy to get to spend some time together today instead of being in class. I hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day and make the most of your weekend!

Also, new to my blog, I decided to try to sell digital copies of some of my photos. If you would like to have full size copies of my photos I would greatly appreciate your support. Just visit the “Buy Media” tab and browse the pictures for sale. If you want to buy a photo not featured on the page, fill out the contact form at the bottom! Thank you for reading my blog and thanks for the support!


Snow Day

All week, Liberty University students, including myself, had been waiting with anticipation to see what would become of this snow storm coming up from the south. Last night around 5pm, we got the announcement that there would be no classes today (Thursday, February 13th)! Guys on my hall were elated and students all over campus started playing in the snow that started falling at a rate of 2 inches an hour. From about 3pm when the snow started falling and overnight, about 10 inches of snow fell on campus. Snowball fights involving hundreds of students and sledding down the various hills on campus were some of the activities that students enjoyed. For some students, this was the first time they’ve ever seen a snowfall like this before. I, being from Syracuse, wasn’t really impressed, but it was a beautiful sight to see the white stuff that used to accumulate up to 5 feet sometimes while I lived in Upstate New York.

Me using a roof rake to clear the snow off our roof after 3 days of snowfall outside of Syracuse, NY in 2007.
Me using a roof rake to clear the snow off our roof after 3 days of snowfall outside of Syracuse, NY in 2007.

Today, my girlfriend and I are at Panera, eating lunch and doing our homework. It just started snowing again so maybe we can get some more classes cancelled tomorrow? It might be just a prayer, but no matter what happens, seeing this snow makes me feel at home.

UPDATE: No classes tomorrow!

Photo Expo

I don’t usually pay too much attention to photography events at my school, but this semester I decided to participate in the Student Activities Photography Expo that is happening on February 28th. I have my two pictures picked out (thanks to the help of my Facebook friends) and framed, but now I need to think of creative titles for them.

IMG_4676 IMG_4677


You may have seen these pictures included in my previous posts (and that’s why I have the watermarks on them). If any of you have any ideas for titles, you’re welcome to write a comment with your idea. Thanks for your help and wish me luck!