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iPhone Photo of the Week (Week 11)

I took very few pictures with my phone this past week, but today as a storm rolled through I took a panorama of the sky from the back deck and decided it would have to do. I hope you enjoy the way the sky looks as storm clouds come through and I’d love to see your pictures of storms as well. Comment a link to a picture below and I’ll check it out!



iPhone Photo of the Week (Week 7)

This past week has been a little crazy for me. Today is the last day of class and I worked a game for the last time this semester on Sunday. Friday (4/25) greeted us with rain, but the rain subsided in time for the 7pm baseball game. Because of the clouds, I knew there would be a good opportunity for a picture during the game so I patiently waited by the patio at the stadium waiting for the opportunity to arrive.Β  Continue reading iPhone Photo of the Week (Week 7)

Shooting for the Stars

This weekend I am an area with almost no light pollution so I decided to try to take some pictures of the stars. I thought about trying this before, and then I saw some of Leanne’s shots from the night of the lunar eclipse so I decided to give it a shot.Β I should have turned the ISO up slightly, but I used 30 second exposure and f/3.5 to try to capture tonight’s night sky. The moon doesn’t “rise” until 12:32am tonight so I might try again in a few hours, but here’s what I have for now! If you’ve been successful with night shots, please offer your expertise on taking these kinds of pictures.