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iPhone Photo of the Week – 16

This past weekend, my wife and I went to Washington D.C. for a little weekend getaway and to enjoy our nation’s capital. When we go to cities, we like to plan some things, but for the most part, we just like to walk around and explore the city and not stick to a set itinerary.

Of course, that being said, the photo of the week is of one of the most visible landmarks in DC, the Washington Monument.

I really like this picture because of how the light of the sun is reflecting off the side of the monument, but only half of the side, because of the cloudy weather.

A couple of other pictures that I considered for photo of the week are below:

Also, I did take some comparative pictures with my new iPhone and old iPhone during the trip so I am hoping to get that post out during this upcoming weekend. Until then, enjoy your week!


iPhone Photo of the Week (Week 4)

Once again, spring flowers have made the photo of the week! This time, we have daffodils that were in Washington, DC behind the botanical garden. Most of the daffodils I’ve seen this season have been all yellow, so I had to get some pictures of these daffodils with orange centers. I’m so grateful for spring and the new beauty it brings to nature, God’s creation.

Daffodils near a fountain in Washington, DC.
Daffodils near a fountain in Washington, DC.